Saturday, October 09, 2004

The girl I am seeing

I've received the green light to read my girlfriend's blog. I'm not sure how much she censored it before permitting me access, but I was somewhat amused to see myself referred to with locutions such as "the boy I am seeing" or simply as "the boy".

More interesting was to read the manner in which she, that is, Amy (I take it we can call each other by our names) presents herself in writing. But maybe more on this later. I've got to get home and watch Labor lose, as seems to be happening.


At 10/24/2004 06:15:00 pm, Blogger fieldmouse said...

I find myself engaging in this type of terminology when writing in my handwritten diary, and not just in relation to my partner.

Actually, that's not what I'm getting at. I do use the proper title, but I notice myself describing people in the horridly economic fashion of how they effect this character which in this instance is me, and with little else. Is diary writting imposing its own tendencies on me? or am i just lazy? I think I've adopted a voice which is both lazy and at the height of existentialist/solipsist expression, thus it's frighteningly addictive and for the most part destructive (outside of its own granted growth)


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