Sunday, October 10, 2004

Made richer by God's providence

Sam sent me this from Saint Augustine's City of God.

Bk XI, ch 18:
"The beauty of the universe, made richer by God's providence, through the opposition of contraries.

For God would never have created a Man, let alone an angel, in the foreknowledge of his future evil state, if he had not known at the same time how he would put such creatures to good use, and thus enrich the course of the world history by the kind of antithesis which gives beauty to a poem. 'Antithesis' provides the most attractive figures in literary composition: the Latin equivalent is 'opposition', or, more accurately, 'contra-position'. ... The opposition of such contraries gives an added eauty to speech; and in the same way there is beauty in the composition of the world's history arising from the antithesis of contraries - a kind of eloquence in events, instead of in words. This point is made very clearly in the book Ecclesiasticus, 'Good confronts evil, life confronts death: so the sinner confronts the devout. And in this way you should observe all the works of the Most High; two by two; one confronting the other."

A proto-Hegelian theodicee?


At 10/14/2004 08:05:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's "theodicy", Marc.

Eternal Love,

At 10/14/2004 08:12:00 pm, Blogger mh said...

Oh, yeah. Sorry. German got in the way. I was too busy getting the 'z' out of "Theodizee" to notice the e's.

I thank you, Sam, for your eternal love and am pleased to wish infinite love back on you.


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